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Adoption Month Meeting


There's something freeing about being out in the ocean on a surfboard. Just you and your board and the sea. The breeze blowing around you as the horizon meets the sea. It puts you completely at peace and leaves you without a care in the world. Or at least it does me. The same couldn't be said nineteen years ago though. That's how long it's been since I met them. Nineteen whole years. I still remember it like it was yesterday. It was the strangest meeting I must admit, but it turned into the most amazing blessing of my life.

November is National Adoption month, for those that don't know. Now, I'm unaware if they still do this in North Carolina or in other states at all, but what follows is how I met my parents. I got up much like I had past mornings, another day in hell was what I felt. Rockingham was where I was living at the time, ironically one street over from where my biological mother and stepfather lived. Enduring my own personal living, waking, and sometimes sleeping, hell. I desperately needed someone to rescue me. I needed, pun intended, a savior. Things were to the point that I had devised the plan that if I wasn't adopted before aging out of the system, I was going to end it. They were going to find me in a ditch somewhere. I had attempted once, I knew I could do it. I just couldn't screw it up like I had before. But, that is a story for another time.

I had been told that there was going to be this adoption fair going on at a coliseum in Winston-Salem, 2 hours away from where we were. Road trip yay. Now, I'm going to push pause on this story for a moment and describe this for you. Especially for those of you who have never been to one of these things before. To any of the poor 'animals' that had to go through one of these, you know exactly what I'm about to describe. Everyone else, you'll catch on in a sec. When we got there, we went in with EVERY child that was up for adoption in the state. At the time, I was one of the few, and I mean very few older kids up for adoption at seventeen. But, once we were all 'herded' together, the perspective families came into the coliseum and came up to each of us and talked to us to see which one of us they wanted. Now, if you've ever adopted or known someone who has, you know that you do have to pay some money when it comes to adoption. So, yeah, you are kinda buying a kid. So, if you ever hear me say 'Go buy a kid' I'm not really being mean. But, I'm getting off topic here.

I'll admit I really didn't dress to impress that day. I knew the stats. When you reach the age that I had, you know your odds. No one wants you. You're going to age out, get a check and get wished the best of luck. Now, I don't know what they do nowadays, this was nineteen years ago. I believe I had on a white t-shirt and red sweatpants. Not the outfit to meet your parents in. Most of the people there gravitated towards the little kids, lucky jerks, the ones that did come talk to me, I think did out of pitty. Let's go give the old one a pitty hello. I met two couples that stuck out to me that day. One said no, thank God. No offense, they seemed like a nice couple. They were Duke fans though. I'm a Carolina fan. It never would've worked. (I have to add some humor in here somewhere) And of course, the couple of the hour, the people that would put up with me. Dear ole mom and dad.

I will be perfectly honest. I don't remember much about them other than she was nice, he looked older and they lived at the beach and they'd be great parents. Now, this is where I went wrong. She is nice, he is still old (sorry, love ya dad) and we don't live at the beach but we have a place there. They lived in town, well nearby. A lot of what went on that day went in one ear and out the other, cause I thought again, no one would want the old one.

Well.......nineteen years later she is still nice, he's still old and nice, that place at the beach is still there. But something else has changed, they love me unconditionally as their own as if I've been their own for thirty six years.

And this story is just beginning..........

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